The Top 10 Blue Lock Football Players in the World!

The Top 10 Blue Lock Football Players in the World! ...

Here are the top ten best players in Blue Lock, ranked by their abilities.

Table of Contents

  • Itoshi Sae
  • Itoshi Rin
  • Ryusei Shidou
  • Isagi Yoichi
  • Seishiro Nagi
  • Oliver Aiku
  • Tabito Karasu
  • Kenyu Yukimiya
  • Meguru Bachira
  • Hyoma Chigiri

Itoshi Sae is a Japanese martial artist.

When he left school to pursue sports, he blossomed into a gifted midfielder, who can be seen on many occasions overpowering opponents.

Rin Itoshi

He is slowly catching up to his younger brother's Sae shadow, although he has been living in his younger brother's Sae shadow for quite a while. His off-the-ball abilities are of the highest calibre.

Ryusei Shidou

In addition, he has incredible spatial awareness and poaching abilities.

Isagi Yoichi

He can read the game to the fullest, which allows him to come up with innovative solutions to disrupt the defense of his opponent's team. He has also developed new weapons in order to improve his game.

Seishiro Nagi is a Japanese martial artist.

In essence, he is a gifted athlete who can effortlessly perform the sport. Moreover, while he plays as an offensive midfielder, he can give linebreaking passes to the forward.

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Oliver Aiku

He started his career as a forward but later became a defender for the Ubers of Italy. In addition, his instinct allows him to intercept any pass.

Tabito Karasu

After Ego's recommendation, he eventually became a defensive midfielder. Additionally, his abilities are highlighted during the match against the Japan U-20 players.

Kenyu Yukimiya

In the series, he is ranked in the fifth position in the forwards' division. He is also able to maneuver easily through the opposition's defense.

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Meguru Bachira

He is an amazing dribbler who has developed an unusual connection with the series' protagonist since its inception.

Hyoma Chigiri

He is one of the fastest players in the series. Moreover, his speed allows him to run at an incredible pace and spread the play.