Wednesday's Best Netflix Characters

Wednesday's Best Netflix Characters ...

Here's a list of Netflix's top characters from the Addams Family franchise. Wednesday is a spinoff from the Addams Family franchise and is characterized by a lot of surprises and twists.


Eugene is a Nevermore Academy psychic student who is a close friend of Wednesday Addams who has the ability to control bees. He is the president of the school's bee-keeping club.


Larissa Weems is the principal of Nevermore Academy and a former student who shared a dormitory with Wednesday's mother, Morticia Addams.


Bianca Barclay is a siren at Nevermore Academy. She is one of the most popular pupils at Nevermore Academy and the adversary of Wednesday in the series. Bianca is also the ex girlfriend of the most popular guy in Nevermore, Xavier Thorpe.


Xavier Thorpe is a psychic artist who has the ability to manipulate his images through telekinesis. He is one of the first persons to hook Wednesday upon her arrival at Nevermore, and is also a romantic interest in the series.

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Enid is a werewolf who is a student at Nevermore and becomes her closest friend throughout the series. Enid is a lively, energetic, and upbeat teenager. She does however, harbor an anxieties about her capacity to fully become a werewolf.


Tyler is the town sheriff's son and one of the 'normies' in the series. He is initially depicted as a quiet, unassuming adolescent. However, his character is a mystery, with two very different personalities dwelling within him.


Thing is a disembodied hand that performs a variety of functions for the family. Thing bears scars similar to Frankenstein's monster. Morticia and Gomez assigned him to spy on Wednesday.


Joseph Crackstone is well-known as a pioneer and is praised for his efforts in settling the region in the 1600s. He is a well-known pilgrim who despises outcasts and is resurrected by his descendent to continue his effort against outcasts.


Thornhill is the sole "normie" instructor in the school. For the majority of the first season, her kindness toward Wednesday seemed genuine. The ending, though, reveals a completely different side to her, and a surprising explanation for Wednesday's biggest mystery.


Wednesday Addams is the daughter of the Addams Family. She is a pale, dark-haired, grim-faced young lady who is obsessed with death and the macabre. She is still adjusting to her newfound psychic abilities as well as settling in with her new peers upon her arrival in Nevermore.