A Pokmon Go fan constructs a real-life Pokstop that delivers 5km eggs

A Pokmon Go fan constructs a real-life Pokstop that delivers 5km eggs ...

Pokémon is still going strong decades after it was first introduced to the public, and enthusiasts have their favorites.

Pokémon GO has gathered the attention of millions of players, providing a new means for them to experience Pokémon using Augmented Reality technologies.

Last year, a Pokémon fan put the gameplay to a new level by constructing a PokéStop in real life. Pokéstops allow players to receive various rewards in-game.

The creator stated that they rewritten the original post, adding real five-kilometer eggs in addition to the previous gifts.

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A crafty fan shared their PokéStop creation via a video on Reddit. The reaction of Pokémon fans to this post was overwhelming, with over 22,000 upvotes. Many fans want to see this PokéStop in the game too, at the same location as the real one.

The fan now has crafted an egg as well as a Pokémon-themed cardigan.

The fan's creation has been overwhelmingly praised once more, and many more have suggested that the author choose the place as a new PokéStop.

Niantic hosts regular events to enhance the connection between the game and real life, particularly in Japan, through its Pokémon Shop. However, the company has yet to develop real-life PokéStops that reward little money.