How Do Skirmishes Work in Fire Emblem Engage?

How Do Skirmishes Work in Fire Emblem Engage? ...

The latest strategy RPG game to be added to Nintendo Switch's catalog is Fire Emblem Engage, which is filled with new characters and battles to clear.

To challenge players, it includes returning mechanics as well as new ones, and one of those combat features is Skirmishes, which players may encounter randomly on the map.

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In Fire Emblem's latest title, we explain how they work.

In Fire Emblem Engage, how do Skirmishes Work?

Skirmishes offer a great opportunity for players to prepare for a difficult fight. After you've completed a few chapters of the main story, you'll see them appear randomly on the map.

These fights reward XP points, but they will disappear if you don't clear them, so they shouldn't be missed.

The small figure on the top of the Skirmish sign should be carefully studied, as it identifies the kinds of enemies players will face during the fight. It is recommended to prepare accordingly as the battles will be difficult.

Another important point is that if you play in Classic mode, characters will not die if they fall during the battle, similar to Training Battles. This is due to the fact that those fights are intended as training opportunities rather than as punishment.