When will Baizhou's release in Genshin have an impact?

When will Baizhou's release in Genshin have an impact? ...

One of the game's most important areas of focus is the Genshin Impact characters. More are added every few months, and most of them are already introduced into the game's legend before they are released.

Baizhou is one of those characters. He is a popular character in the game's narrative, and players are eager to see him become a playable character. They were revealed in one of Genshin's latest teases about Xiao's return.

For the time being, repeated leaks have hinted at an upcoming release of Genshin. The question is when will Genshin fans get their hands on Baizhou.

When will Baizhou's release in Genshin impact?

Baizhou was listed as one of the upcoming new characters this year. Based on his design and what we know about him in the game, however, he will be a Dendro character, which means he will likely not be released following the leak in the Fontaine region.

Baizhou is expected to be included to Genshin Impact alongside Patch 3.6 for this reason, as well as the speculations that more leaks have surfaced. Since Patch 3.4 was released earlier this January and 3.5 was expected to roll out in February, Baizhu and Patch 3.6 might be introduced in March or April.

It's still just speculation, as MiHoYo has yet to reveal any information about Baizhu's release.

When additional information on the subject is revealed, this article will be updated.