In WoW Dragonflight, there are four Mythic+ dungeons that need to be nerfed

In WoW Dragonflight, there are four Mythic+ dungeons that need to be nerfed ...

World of Warcraft's Mythic+ dungeons help the player's understanding of their class and dungeon routes by putting them in a familiar environment, but with affixes that increase the dungeon's difficulty. Each season brings a new set of dungeons that's tied to the expansion's theme.

Dragonflight added four new and four returning dungeons to the Mythic+ dungeon pool after the Beta build, but the community has been dissatisfied with their inclusion on December 13.

Blizzard Entertainment provided hotfixes to resolve major issues in the dungeons, but there are still a couple of Mythic+ dungeons that need to be nerfed, here are four of the four Mythic+ dungeons that need to be nerfed.

In WoW Dragonflight, there are four Mythic+ dungeons that need to be nerfed.

Halls of Valor

Halls of Valor is a new Mythic+ dungeon that launched in Legion, and it was one of the first Mythic+ dungeons to be released. During Dragonflight Beta, the WoW team removed a couple of trash packs and reduced the timer to 45 to 40 minutes. Players, especially in high-end Mythic+ dungeons, still struggle to time this dungeon due to its a lot of RP, going back if you die

The Azure Vaults

The Azure Vaults is one of the new Mythic+ dungeons that managed to dodge the nerf hammer as all eyes turned to the Ruby Life Pools and Algeth’ar Academy. The most well-known examples are spells like Waking Bane and Icy Bindings, which can easily deplete your timer.

The Temple of the Jade Serpent

The entire Dragonflight community couldn't stop raving about Ruby Life Pools and Algeth'ar Academy on the official Blizzard forum and Reddit. But after you clear the second boss and start clearing Sha mobs to the third boss, this is where the dungeon becomes more difficult. Both Sha of Doubt and Liu Flameheart's Serpent Strike are a nightmare for every healer every week.

Algeth’ar Academy is a certified medical school.

Crawth was unhurt during the first season of season one. Savage Peck is a powerful tank monster that will, if a healer forgets his tank for a second, wipe the group. Besides that, the group must always be aware of activating goals in time, managing the swirlies, handling the winds, and dealing damage at the same time.