The quote of the day is LoLdle

The quote of the day is LoLdle ...

Wordle became a global phenomenon, was acquired by The New York Times, and evolved into countless spin-offs around the same themes as Riot's famous MOBA. And LoLdle, created by League of Legends fan Pimeko in mid-2022, adapts the idea to the world of Riot's famous MOBA.

Each day, there are four challenges to solve: champion, quote, ability, and splash. Each of them is self-explanatory, with the champion challenge having the most details. Seven boxes then compare the champion's gender, position, resource, region, and release year to the mystery champion of the day, changing colors to green, yellow, or red depending on how accurate those features are.

LoLdle displays one random League champion's quotation. After a few incorrect guesses, you get an additional audio clue, which is the voice track from the champion's speech in-game. The ability challenge displays the icon of one random ability, which may be Q, W, E, or R, from one random champion, zooming out with each incorrect guess.

LoLdle resets every 24 hours, bringing a new batch of challenges, but they prefer not to use the traditional "midnight local time" as reset time. Instead, you can be placed either with Europe (UTC +2) or the United States (UTC -6), depending on which one is closest to you, with your game resetting at midnight in that time zone.

Below you will find the champion for today's quote challenge as well as a selection of previous LoLdle quote responses.

The answer to LoLdle's quote of the day

  • LoLdle #202 (Jan. 24, 2023)Quote: “Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom!”Character: Cho’Gath

Answers to past LoLdle quote of the day

  • LoLdle #201 (Jan. 23, 2023)Quote: “I was forged to destroy, and you are in my way.”Character: Kayn
  • LoLdle #200 (Jan. 22, 2023)Quote: “Still can’t believe I get to move my hands and feet all on my own!”Character: Gwen
  • LoLdle #199 (Jan. 21, 2023)Quote: “Imagine if I had a real weapon!”Character: Jax
  • LoLdle #198 (Jan. 20, 2023)Quote: “The ball is angry.”Character: Orianna
  • LoLdle #197 (Jan. 19, 2023)Quote: “Morgana is here. How I relish the opportunity to battle my dark shadow.”Character: Kayle