Patch 13.2 has caused all League of Legends fixes to be postponed

Patch 13.2 has caused all League of Legends fixes to be postponed ...

Riot Games announced that its game development infrastructure had been damaged as a result of a social engineering incident. However, player data and player information have not been breached, and no information in that regard has been gained. As a direct result of the attack, the live servers are expected to arrive slightly behind schedule.

Riot has yet to reveal which games will be affected by this, although rumors have surfaced that content updates will be delayed. However, on January 24, a Riot PR spokesperson spoke with Dot Esports and explained what features will have to wait a while longer to see live servers.

Patch 13.2 for League of Legends has been postponed.

The League community is currently unable to receive Patch 13.2 in time due to a social engineering breach. Instead, the developers are working on delivering as many possible balance updates via hotfixes otherwise known as micropatches. This means the League community will not receive any patch notes this week.

Riot PR said the dev team is attempting to get as many balance updates as possible via hotfixes (aka micropatches or 13.1b/13.1c patches).

What League features will be delayed until Patch 13.2?

We can expect changes to go live later this week or early next week as the devs complete all balancing changes to League via micro patches. However, new content, especially Ahri's ASU, will likely be delayed until Patch 13.3 in early February.

Riot PR stated that brand new content such as the Ahri ASU would be postponed until 13.3 in early February.

Although Riot did not state anything explicitly, Lunar skins will likely have to wait until Patch 13.3.

Unofficial Patch 13.2 timeline

  • Patch 13.2a — TBA
  • Patch 13.2b — TBA
  • Patch 13.2c — TBA
  • Patch 13.2a — TBA
  • Patch 13.3 — early February