League of Legends supports all Elementalist Lux element combinations

League of Legends supports all Elementalist Lux element combinations ...

League of Legends has over 150 champions, but some are more popular than others, such as Lux, the Lady of Luminosity, a moderately difficult mage from Demacia.

As her kit is easy to understand, and her combinations are simple, she is a popular choice for beginners and veterans.

Because of her popularity, many skins for Lux have been released every year. Not including the Prestige Edition versions, there are over 15 Lux skins. One of the most exciting skins for Lux, and in League of Legends, is the Elementalist Lux skin.

The skin of Elementalist Lux is explained.

The Elementalist Lux skin is an Ultimate skin available in the League store for 3,250 RP. This skin is interesting because Elementalist Lux starts each match in her Light form, but this changes throughout the game.

Lux will have the ability to alter her appearance when she obtains Elemental Power from hostile foes.

The first form of transformation will be into the element you've selected. The second form is, nevertheless, determined by combining the two elements.

Lux can only change up to two times per game, and there are ten skin forms for the Elementalist Lux skin. Once Lux has reached her second form, she will no longer be able to obtain more Elemental Power.

What are the Elementalist Lux element combinations?

Elementalist Lux element combinations are available.

Elementalist Skin element combinations can create Storm, Ice, Dark, Magma, and Mystic by combining Nature, Fire, Air, and Water.

You'll need to combine the following elements to get one of the Elementalist Lux skin combinations:

  • Air + Fire = Storm
  • Fire + Air = Storm
  • Air + Water = Ice
  • Water + Air = Ice
  • Air + Nature = Dark
  • Fire + Water = Dark
  • Water + Fire = Dark
  • Nature + Air = Dark
  • Fire + Nature = Magma
  • Nature + Fire = Magma
  • Water + Nature = Mystic
  • Nature + Water = Mystic

Although you won't be able to play all of the Elementalist Lux skin combinations in one game, this skin is one of the most enjoyable to play in League.