Marvel Snap's Best Orka Decks and How to Oppose These

Marvel Snap's Best Orka Decks and How to Oppose These ...

Marvel Snap is a card battle game that involves your favorite villains and heroes. Your objective in Marvel Snap is to win at three locations in under three minutes, which can be challenging. One card you should consider is Orka.

Orka is a six-cost, nine-Power card that has an Ongoing ability, which grants plus five power if it's the only card at that location. It's also very versatile.

What Orka decks are the best, and how can you counter them?

Marvel Snap's top three Orka decks

Even though Orka is a high-cost card, it can be game changer if played strategically, especially if it's at a location by itself and can benefit from the card's Power boost.

These are some of the finest decks you may use in Marvel Snap if you wish to try an Orka deck.

Sunspot, Mystique, Mister Fantastic, Cosmo, Wave, Namor, Omega Red, Iron Man, Magik, Klaw, Onslaught, and Orka are all included in Deck one. Both Orka and Namor must be based in separate locations to get their power boosts.

So, at the third location, you may play cards with abilities such as if you have 10 power here, you can gain plus four power at the other locations. Or you may give Power to the appropriate location, or your total Power is doubled at this location. All of which can help boost the Power of your locations.

Ant-Man, Mojo, Armor, Electro, Captain America, Cosmo, Warpath, Professor X, Klaw, Spectrum, Orka, and Destroyer are all on deck two.

Electro, Spectrum, and Destroyer are all great because you'll get plus one max Energy, give your Ongoing cards a plus two Power boost, and increase Destroyer's power. On Reveal, however, Destroyer destroys all of your other cards.

Your cards will not be destroyed if you lock down locations with Professor X and Armor. You may also place Cosmo at the same location as Destroyer to stop the card's On Reveal ability.

Ant-Man, Mojo, Armor, Electro, Captain America, Cosmo, Namor, Omega Red, Iron Man, Klaw, Onslaught, and Orka are all there in deck three. With this deck, you have the best of both deck one and deck two, as you have Namor, Armor, Klaw, and Orka.

This deck has many combinations for you to play, depending on the cards you draw. You can play Namor and Orka at two different locations and fill the remaining location with your drawn cards. Or you can play them as regular cards and fill those locations.

While you won't receive the additional Power boosts from Namor and Orka as a result, you can still get Power boosts from your other cards and boost your Power that way.

In Marvel Snap, how do you combat Orka decks?

Cosmo, Hobgoblin, Spider-Woman, Leech, Rogue, and Enchantress are some of the best Marvel Snap cards to counter-attack Orka decks.

Cosmo is excellent against Electro and Spectrum, but it isn't very effective against Destroyer, because you want your opponent to destroy their cards and reduce their total Power.

Spider-Woman is equally effective at reducing your opponent's power at a location: On-Revel, you may afflict all enemy cards at that location with one negative power.

Leech's On Reveal ability removes abilities from all cards in your opponent's hand. It can be helpful as most of the cards in an Orka deck have abilities.

Rogue has a unique On Reveal ability that allows her to steal an Ongoing ability from a random enemy card at this location. And as most Orka decks have cards with Ongoing abilities, you might gain anything from power boosts at other locations to doubling your power at that location.

Enchantress is an essential Orka deck counter as, on Reveal, you can delete abilities from all of the Ongoing cards at this location. In the right situation, you could stop your opponent from gaining Power boosts or shut down Armor's ability.

These are the top three Marvel Snap Orka decks and their counters if you want a challenge.