Snax, a CS:GO legend, has created a new team of youngsters

Snax, a CS:GO legend, has created a new team of youngsters ...

Snax, a former CS:GO player, has started a new project from the ground up. The former Virtus Pro star will begin 2023 playing with an utterly impassable international team called Let Us Cook, which includes four youngsters in the form of Romanian duo Alexandru "sound" tefan and Raul "Blytz" Gligor, the Danish in-game leader Mikkel "Maze" Sparvath, and the Polish AWPer Sebastian "

Snax was left on the sidelines until he played with ENCE at IEM Dallas in June 2022, but ended the tournament as one of the highest-rated players and helped ENCE reach the grand finals while standing in for Lotan "Spinx" Giladi. That performance boosted his career, but he didn't sign with any team heading to 2023.

Let Us Cook stated that they are currently looking for a club to represent, although that is unlikely to happen until they have some good tier-two results under their belts. The two coaches met for several months at the end of 2022 under the ex-Team Finest tag.

Let Us Cook will make their official debut in the CCT North Europe Series three online tournament on Thursday, January 26. Snax and crew will face GenOne at 3am CT and hope to advance to the Swiss system best-of-three group stage. This $50,000 tournament also features SINNERS, Young Ninjas, forZe, and MOUZ NXT, and the organizers will invite eight additional teams to the playoffs.