Following a social engineering intrusion, TFT Patch 13.2 has been bumped for 13.1 C

Following a social engineering intrusion, TFT Patch 13.2 has been bumped for 13.1 C ...

The Teamfight Tactics 13.2 update has been postponed by Riot Games and is now being shipped a 13.1 C-patch, which contains over 50 balance adjustments.

The official TFT Set Eight 13.2 update will be delayed due to a social engineering breach last week at Riot. No player data like passwords or personal information was included in the breach, according to Riot. However, it did put a wrench in the 13.2 Monsters' Attack update.

According to Riot and game designer Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer, the TFT balance team has created a 13.1 C-patch, with over 50 changes, instead of the original patch.

According to Riot, there were size limitations that prevented "larger-scale reworks." These adjustments are instead being pushed back to Patch 13.3.

On January 24, players will get a first look at all the TFT 13.1 C-patch balance changes, and the update will be available on live servers on January 26. No information about the update was provided at the time of writing, but the PBE balance adjustments that have taken place over the course of the last week might give some insight into what players may expect.

Miss Fortune, Sett, Janna, and Samira are among the top nerf blocks. Bel'Veth, Aurelion Sol, Zoe, and LeBlanc are among the set eight units who may be buffed.

With only minor tweaks, both Anima Squad and the LaserCorps traits were tested in PBE, while Mascot at breakpoints four and six received a healing boost.

During Patch 13.2 PBE testing, every TFT Set Eight item was also affected by a bug, which removed bonus attack damage and ability, while keeping the percent damage and power the same on the backend. Giant Slayer, for example, has 30 percent attack damage and plus-20 ability power, but it's no longer considered a "bonus."

TFT Patch 13.1 C will be released on Thursday, January 26, and the TFT balance team will continue to update the PBE changes while working on reworks and additional balance adjustments for Patch 13.3, which is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, February 8.

Update: Riot has released further information regarding the TFT updates on January 24 at 9:20am CT.