VALORANT is coming to other platforms, but Riot says it'll take a while

VALORANT is coming to other platforms, but Riot says it'll take a while ...

Riot Games isn't focused on merely establishing and sustaining a dedicated PC player base for VALORANT, but gamers who want to play on other platforms shouldn't expect any significant developments anytime soon.

Anna Donlon, the lead developer of VALORANT's dev team, said during today's "dev diary" video previewing 2023 that the team is "continuing their work" on bringing the game to other platforms, but that it took longer than expected.

“It's going faster than we expected,” Donlon said. “Probably slower than you anticipated, but we want to get it right.” Donlon did not disclose any information about the possibility of a launch date for VALORANT's release on other platforms.

Riot has never shied away from revealing its intentions to release VALORANT on other platforms in the past. Back in June 2021, less than a year after the game was officially released, the company said it would eventually bring the game to mobile devices, and it has conducted a mobile beta since.

Riot announced that the company intends to expand VALORANT to consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation in the future. Previous versions have included files that indicate a console release.

Both Riot and Microsoft have developed a partnership that provides access to many additional benefits in all of Riot's major titles, including VALORANT. Game Pass subscribers receive access to all champions and agents in both League of Legends and VALORANT, as well as XP boosts and other rewards.