What effects will the Riot cyber attack have on League and TFT?

What effects will the Riot cyber attack have on League and TFT? ...

Riot Games' developers were scrambling last week as a result of a major cyber incident, and the company has maintained that it is clear about what impacts might be felt by the general player base for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics.

There are a number of issues that will arise in the next weeks as a result of the perpetrators' stealing the source code for both games and a legacy anti-cheat system. This attack will also have significant effects on players in the near future.

Riot claims that League source code was used in a cyber incident and is now being held for ransom.

Riot is already making progress on patching the holes in its own security systems and is attempting to restore League and TFT's regular patch schedule to working order. However, here are all of the effects a cyber attack will have on Riot titles.

Delays in the delivery of Patch 13.2 for the upcoming patch

We've got some bad news for those summoners who were hoping to be Runeterra's favorite nine-tailed fox. Due to recent attacks, Ahri's long-awaited art and sustainability update will be moved from this month's patch till February 8. Patch 13.3 will be released on February 8.

Although the team was able to implement a single hotfix that would implement most of the changes, larger changes such as the Ahri ASU were forced to the next update. TFT players will have to wait for larger-scale trait reworks because the developers can only incorporate so many changes into a single hotfix update.

New possibilities for cheating

The source code for League and Teamfight Tactics was stolen, along with the source code for a legacy anti-cheat application, and Riot's developers have discussed the possibility of additional cheats being created in the near future. At the moment, the company is looking at just how much was stolen by the attackers, how they bypassed Riot's security measures, and what are prepared for future attacks.

The developers are also considering how this new attack will affect League's current anti-cheat program, so they may modify their systems and implement any fixes whenever new cheats are discovered by players. In the future, players must be vigilant about reporting any new findings while playing so Riot can immediately correct such situations at the first sight.

Patch 13.2 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, January 25.