The complete cast list of forspoken voice actors is available here

The complete cast list of forspoken voice actors is available here ...

Forspoken, which was released on January 24, was harmed by an unintentional leak the day before its release, causing much speculation around dialogue and voice acting. However, players are beginning to pick up the game and form their own opinions about its plot and characters.

Frey, a New York City girl, is transported to Athia when she discovers a magical vambrace in an abandoned structure. She discovers herself in a new magical world that is both beautiful and terrifying. Players must take Frey on a journey to find her home.

Ella Balinska and Jonathan Cake are the most likely to hear the most from players throughout the game, both of whom are played by players from the 2019 version of Charlie's Angels and the Netflix version of Resident Evil. This is Balinska's first entry into the video game industry.

Cake, who plays the witty vambrace that is bonded to Frey, is a well-known television actor who is also starting his first video game career as a voice actor. So, those two voices will be the ones players will enjoy the most in their playthrough of Forspoken.

The whole cast of voice actors is unspoken.

  • Frey Holland: Ella Balinska
  • Cuff: Jonathan Cake
  • Auden Keen: Monica Barbaro
  • Robian Keen: Anthony Skordi
  • Olevia Liette: Tajinae Turner
  • Johedy Kladivo: Keala Settle
  • Tanta Sila: Janina Gavankar
  • Tanta Prav: Pollyanna McIntosh
  • Tanta Olas: Claudia Black
  • Tanta Cinta: Kendal Rae