KennyS and NBK have welcomed an old CS:GO teammate from his glory days to the Falcons

KennyS and NBK have welcomed an old CS:GO teammate from his glory days to the Falcons ...

Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro has joined the Falcons' CS:GO roster for 2023, effectively reuniting with Major champions kennyS and NBK-, whom he played with under G2 between 2017 and 2018.

Bodyy will not play as the Falcons' in-game leader, as he did on HEET, but will instead serve as the team's rifler and co-leader to captain NBK-. The move is the latest in the ongoing French shuffle ahead of the Paris Major in May, when teams from across the country compete to qualify for the first Valve sponsored event of the year.

Bodyy said, "I'm super excited and grateful to be given this opportunity." "Off the IGL role, I am ready for the new challenge and looking forward to working again with NBK- as a co-leader. [It's been] four years without Majors, and I want to make you proud and hear you cheer in Paris."

According to a tweet from neL, Jordan "Python" Munck-Foehrle would leave the Falcons to make room for bodyy, but Ali "HAdji" Hanouss was ultimately the player who left the roster due to "incompatibility."

According to HLTV, bodyy earned a 1.09 rating while playing for the Falcons in 2022, and is expected to be the Falcons' leading rifleman now that he's free of the in-game leadership roles. NBK- is expecting great things for bodyy in their reunion.

"It's a prerequisite for us to bring bodyy into our program in order to find more righteousness in our whole approach, and I'm beyond thrilled that he has chosen to join us," said the two-time Major champion. "I can't wait to push him to his limits and shine while exploiting everyone else to the fullest."

Tomorrow at 4am CT, Bodyy will face PROSPECTS in the Elisa Invitational Winter 2023 Contenders.