All Phyrexia Commander cards in All Will Be One set booster packs

All Phyrexia Commander cards in All Will Be One set booster packs ...

In the Phyrexia: All Will Be One set and collector booster packs, Wizards of the Coast has included eight Magic: The Gathering Commander cards, all of which demonstrate a variety of mechanics and callbacks.

The Phyrexia: All Will Be One (ONE) set includes two preconstructed Commander decks and eight MTG Commander cards that players may crack open in set booster packs and collector booster packs. The regular version of the Commander cards will appear only in collector booster packs.

Here are the eight Phyrexia: All Will Be One Commander booster packs that were revealed today at MTGWeekly with game designers Corey Bowen and Adam Prosak.

Remnant of Memnarch, Urtet

Myr returns in ONE Commander as a legendary creature with a five-color activated ability that puts three +1/+1 counters on each Myr you control. Urtet, Remnant of Memnarch creates a 1/1 Myr token each time you cast a Myr spell and can untap each Myr you control at the beginning of combat.

Skyhunter Strike Force

Melee and Lieutenant are two older MTG mechanics that were used in Skyhunter Strike Force: White and Flying. The Melee mechanic allows Skyhunter Strike Force to gain +1/+1 stats for each opponent that was attacked that turn. And Lieutenant provides Melee to other creatures you control as long as you control your commander.

Mirage Mockery is a British actress.

Mirage Mockery is a modal Sorcery spell that allows players to choose either one upon casting, or has Entwine as an additional cost to choose both options. For three mana, players may create a copy of a target non-Artifact creature they control or a token of a target non-Artifact creature they control.

Commander's cloning is a powerful mechanism, and Mirage Mockery gives players the freedom to clone at will.

Synthesis Pod

Synthesis Pod, a game that features a Phyrexian mana design, allows players to cast cards from their opponents' decks. The Artifact is somewhat narrow, as the revealed card is mana equal to the exiled spell, plus one mana you control.

Monumental Corruption

Monumental Corruption is a five-drop Mono-Black Sorcery spell that is somewhat higher, but requires Artifacts to be fully optimized. It can draw cards for its controller in Artifact heavy decks, or it can be applied to an opponent who has a lot of Artifacts, potentially causing deadly damage.

Forge Tyrant, Chiss-Goria

Chiss-Goria, Forge Tyrant, fights the Phyrexian takeover of Mirrodin. The nine-drop dragon uses the MTG mechanic Affinity for artifacts to reduce its casting cost. It can drop onto the battlefield for as little as three mana and has Flying and Haste.

Chiss-Goria, Forge Tyrant, has a special ability that allows players to cast an Artifact spell from the top five cards in their library, thus reducing its cost. Forge Tyrant, however, has Affinity for Artifacts as well, making Chiss-Goria a top-end finisher in their Commander builds.

Armor in Tangleweave

Living Weapon was an MTG mechanic used in Mirrodin Besieged that was adapted for For MIrrodin! within the ONE Standard set. It's a four-drop Equipment Artifact that returns through Tangelweave Armor, where "X" is equivalent to the greatest mana among your commanders.

Tangleweave Armor's aim is to be a cute game that can give monster stats to the equipped creature. However, the Artifact Equipment is somewhat basic at best.

Lux Artillery

Lux Artillery is a solid Artifact that makes use of the Sunburst feature, which was first revealed in Fifth Dawn. It also has an ability that can stop games at the start of its controller's final step, if there are 30 or more counters.

The addition of additional win conditions to Magic is a neat idea that the design team has included in sets. Depending on the counters, you might have already completed the game, but knowing the win-con is there, especially with the increase of Oil counters in ONE, provides another enjoyable feature to playing Magic.

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