When does Destiny 2's maintenance last?

When does Destiny 2's maintenance last? ...

From bug fixes to introducing new content, online titles like Destiny 2 require maintenance from time to time. Developers often need to remove their game in order to improve the overall gaming experience in the long run.

Destiny 2 updates are released at 5pm UTC (11am CT when not considering Daylight Saving Time). Fans may make changes to their schedule with daylight savings.

Maintenance will usually take place shortly before 12pm CT. In the case of a hotfix, Destiny 2 servers usually go down 15 minutes before reset (at 11:45am CT) and are restored by the time the patch comes.

Maintenance typically begins at least one hour before patch time, though this may be even more significant with major expansions, which can knock the game out for over a dozen hours, as was the case with The Witch Queen's release.

Players will typically need to install a new patch with all of the new improvements before they can start logging into the game normally. These downtimes are necessary to keep the game in top shape since introducing new content can sometimes also result in new bugs and errors.

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Is Destiny 2 in a state of repair?

Keep an eye on the BungieHelp Twitter page to check if Destiny 2 is in the process of maintenance or if a full maintenance schedule is available. Maintenance typically takes place 15 minutes before a new patch is released, although this interval is significantly longer with major releases and occasional larger-scale patches.

Bungie took the Destiny 2 servers offline to investigate an issue that caused players to lose progress in some victories, medals, and seals. It's unclear how long this interruption will last.

When does Destiny 2's maintenance end?

Players who try to reconnect to Destiny 2 servers will receive the same classic "Server Offline" message as before. Bungie removed the Destiny 2 servers as a result of an emergency maintenance situation, but players may keep an eye on the official Bungie Help page for further information.