What will the Overwatch 2 updates on January 24 have on Sojourns Railgun?

What will the Overwatch 2 updates on January 24 have on Sojourns Railgun? ...

As part of the January 24 patch, one of Overwatch 2's most heavily powered DPS characters in Sojourn has finally received what many consider to be an overdue nerf to her very powerful Railgun.

As part of the upgrade, Sojourn's Railgun's energy gain has been widened. The energy gained from the Railgun's high-impact right-click strike is no longer based on the amount of damage done by primary fire. Sojourn will now earn five energy for every primary hit against an enemy player.

This change should "sooth out Sojourn's average Railgun charge" and make it more consistent, while preventing players that are damage-boosted or hitting consistent headshots from rapidly reloading the right-click shot energy at a too high rate.

How do the Overwatch 2 January 24 glitches affect Sojourn?

When teamed with certain heroes capable of amplification, Sojourn was rapidly acquiring Railgun energy. These included Ana (Nano Boost), Baptiste (Amplification Matrix), and Mercy. Additionally, Sojourn was rapidly acquiring Railgun energy when hit with Zenyatta's Orb of Discord.

Before the change, Sojourn players were earning 10 points of energy from headshots, and up to 13 if damage was increased. Any primary hit against an enemy player now rewards five points, even against armor, which previously only resulted in a gain of 3.5 points (or seven if it was a critical hit versus armor).

According to hero designer Alec Dawson, this should "select some of the synergy" that Sojourn has with heroes like Mercy and Zenyatta, as the effects of their readily available damage amplification abilities were likely to be too strong for Sojourn.

The impact of a primary fire weapon has also been reduced from ten to nine thanks to the January 24 update.

The purpose of these changes was to "acquaint her with Railgun secondary fire," as described in the developer notes in the patch.