Destiny 2 is now offline after a patch removes many players' titles and triumphs

Destiny 2 is now offline after a patch removes many players' titles and triumphs ...

It appeared like a perfect time to jump into Destiny 2. A major fix was released today, which included both significant balance adjustments to a wide range of weapons and the long-awaited removal of blue drops for players over the necessary Power limit.

Rather, everything was not as expected with the latest patch, and many players discovered that a significant number of their Triumphs had been unintentionally reset. Less than a few hours after the update went live, Bungie announced that Destiny 2 has been taken offline for maintenance while it attempts to correct the issue.

This issue resulted in players losing progress on several of the game's most difficult tasks, as well as losing hard-earned Seal completions along with their Titles. A flood of tweets has flooded the Destiny subreddits, with players now only having half of the required Triumphs completed.

The progress reset appears to have affected every player in the same way, with some players only marginally affected by a few minor Triumphs. However, for those who now have incomplete Seals or have lost progress on a Triumph they were currently working on such as the Dreaming City's Corrupted Eggs, they will be hoping that Bungie will find a quick fix that restores the abilities they held prior to the update's launch.

More reports of players losing progress on their Exotic weapon Catalysts are mentioned in Bungie Help's tweet, which isn't the only reason for the Crucible's powerful Exotic picks to be delayed too long.