Engage growth rates for all classes in Fire Emblem

Engage growth rates for all classes in Fire Emblem ...

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest installment in the popular, long-running Fire Emblem series. Fire Emblem Engage brings the series into the modern era with the Nintendo Switch's capabilities, as well as its impressive roster of characters, since its release earlier this month.

The game brings back several familiar faces from the past to broaden its already well-known cast. Each of these play styles will ensure that you get the best out of the classes you choose to focus on throughout your adventure in Fire Emblem Engage.

When it comes to achieving that overpowered state, there is one thing you should keep in mind. Growth Rate is a regular feature throughout the Fire Emblem games and is integral to understanding your character and class' key strengths and spikes in power. It's also critical to knowing when your character is at his strongest position.

What is the Growth Rate in Fire Emblem Engage?

The Growth Rate is a familiar mechanic throughout all Fire Emblem games. It is a stat booster in that each time your character levels up, it kicks in for one or more of their primary stats and increases that stat even more than usual. These boosts are based on an RNG-related percentage increase, where the chance determines how often your character will gain an additional stat increase.

If your character has a growth rate of 25 percent, they will have a chance to acquire an additional stat every four levels. The higher the rate, the better they are at acquiring an additional stat. In Fire Emblem Engage, there are 10 primary stats for each character and class.

  • HP – The hit points of a unit, determines its overall health pool.
  • BLD – The build of a unit, determines its physical size on the battlefield.
  • STR – The strength of a unit, determines its physical damage output.
  • MAG – The magic of a unit, determines its magical damage output.
  • DEX – The dexterity of a unit, determines its critical hit rate and critical rush power.
  • SPD – The speed of a unit, determines the cooldown of its abilities.
  • DEF – The defense of a unit, determines its overall tolerance to physical damage.
  • RES – The resistance of a unit, determines its overall tolerance to magical damage.
  • LCK – The luck of a unit, determines its chances of finding recovery items.
  • Move – The movement of a unit, determines its combat speed in battle.

Each character's overall stats are ranked. This rating determines the character's overall ability in battle as an amalgamation of their primary stats. With the exception of the Move stat, Growth Rate affects every other stat by giving them an additional percentage boost every time a character rises.

The classes they are a part of have their own Growth Rates, although each character has its own Growth Rate. For the characters that fall under their umbrella, each class has a different Growth Rate. This is how it appears.

What does Growth Rate mean for your character in Fire Emblem Engage?

Growth Rates are not able to be freely altered right off the bat. In earlier games, it was impossible to even see your Growth Rate because it used to be a hidden value. Now, with modern capabilities and tweaks to game mechanics, it becomes possible to manipulate growth rates to your liking, provided you complete the game at least once.

If you do decide to increase the Growth Rate, there are two default choices available to you. You can either have a random growth rate for all of your characters or a fixed growth rate for all of your difficulties. If you want to play the game with an additional challenge, go with Random.

  • Fixed Growth Rate – Fixed Growth Rates will give your character a fixed amount of points each time they level up, depending on the rate itself. For example, a 50 percent Growth Rate in STR should give your character one bonus STR every two levels, while a 25 percent Growth Rate in DEX will give your character one bonus DEX every four levels. This is also the default setting for Maddening.
  • Random Growth Rate – Random Growth Rates are a little more chaotic in nature. The RNG factor is increased even further here because each time a character levels up, the Growth Rate will determine the chance that they gain a stat increase. If you have amazing luck, your characters could grow stronger than you could ever imagine. But, on the flip side, if your luck is terrible, there is a chance of them not gaining bonus stats for several levels.

Your stat gains will vary depending on which choice you make. So pick and choose what fits your playing style the best.

Fire Emblem Engage's Growth Rates for all classes

Each class' stats have been classified separately and indicated how much of their stat gains are due to the bonus Growth Rate in that stat. Different characters' Growth Rates may vary as well if you switch the class of that character. It's important to keep that in mind if you intend to do so.

Axe Armor2015010030005
Axe Cavalier1010010101010100
Axe Fighter252005105005
Axe Flier51051010010100
Bow Knight101002020015150
Divine Dragon1010010151515105
Dragon Child101001015101055
Fell Child000000000
Great Knight20150150251055
Griffin Knight010151520015150
High Priest002505030300
Lance Armor2015010030005
Lance Cavalier1010010101010100
Lance Fighter1010520510500
Lance Flier51051010010100
Mage Knight552505102550
Martial Master51020001525100
Martial Monk01025001020100
Royal Knight510151515520100
Sleipnir Rider00201515030150
Sword Armor2015010030005
Sword Cavalier1010010101010100
Sword Fighter101001520015100
Sword Flier51051010010100
Tireur d’elite10100301015550
Wing Tamer00151010025100
Wolf Knight10501520520200
Wyvern Knight2020010520555

When you add a character's class Growth Rate to their character Growth Rate, you may determine their total growth rate. Each character's growth rate is dependent on their ability to change it. However, you may change a character's class from one class to the other.

If you want a character's stats to develop in a different manner as the levels pass, this is necessary. While most characters start off with classes that are helpful to their stat growth, there are others that might benefit from a class change to enhance their specific Growth Rate, thus transforming that character to your liking.