After players discover unexpected Ultimate Team changes, FIFA 23 developers address nerfs

After players discover unexpected Ultimate Team changes, FIFA 23 developers address nerfs ...

At the start of the year, FIFA 23 players discovered a major nerfing issue that wreaks havoc on the Ultimate Team. The developers formulated a fix for the accidental glitches.

Ultimate Team players have long been in conflict with EA Sports, and this hasn't changed with FIFA 23. FIFA 23 players revealed significant findings that supported the theory that EA was cheating on certain Ultimate Team cards.

This would certainly be a big concern, given that the Ultimate Team transfer market and the value of promo cards are tied to their in-game capability.

One player discovered that Centurions Ibrahimovic's in-game statistics were being dramatically nerfed, resulting in a decrease in value of 1 million coins. Players quickly questioned whether this same tactic had been employed on other promotional cards.

EA issued a statement just a few days after the discovery, indicating that "an unintended issue lowered some Attributes for 4 Player Items in FUT."

FIFA 23 developers reveal unexpected glitches.

Although EA stated that the above cards' nerfs were accidental, FIFA 23 players were dissatisfied with the response.

“We are shocked that these are issues, but we appreciate honest communication and quick resolutions. Keep it up,” said one participant.

Others veered in a different direction, accusing the developers of secretly nerfing cards all along.

"This really doesn't look good for you," one player said, "People have suspected you of doing this secretly for YEARS, and now it's clear you've accidentally showed us the actual stats of some players..."

Players were questioned why Ibrahimovic was not included in the cards listed above. However, EA issued an initial statement rectifying the issue before revealing that other cards were also affected.

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