Apex Legends players lash out at developers for insane greed, as the reactive event skin fails to impress

Apex Legends players lash out at developers for insane greed, as the reactive event skin fails to im ...

Apex Legends players are dissatisfied with the Celestrial Sunrise Collection Event and dissatisfied with the reactive Peacekeeper skin.

Apex Legends developers have increased their effort in communicating with the player base, including a comprehensive explanation of the skill-based matchmaking system and the Horizon shadows.

The community remains dissatisfied with the game's content. Despite the dev announcing yet another Collection Event with a new LTM and more, players are labeling their intentions as greedy.

The Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will be released shortly after the Spellbound event, bringing a Hardcore LTM and new cosmetics, although normally, these events feature a new Heirloom or Mythic skin, but for this event, the developers have decided to include a reactive weapon skin for the Peacekeeper.

The Skin is a recolor of the Season 3 Peacekeeper battle pass skin, Frostbite. On Reddit, a Reddit user fairlyhurtfoyer expressed disappointment.

Players say that a battle pass skin vs. a $160 value of a 24 item Collection Event reward is a significant difference.

The argument is that this reactive "Jadeite Retribution" Peacekeeper skin is "a far cry" from Heirlooms and Mythic skins, which are unique items, not just recolors.

Others appear to agree, and with rumors that there will be a Heirloom recolor that will be sold for a "event in March," one user describes the devs' actions as "insane greed."

They go on to explain their viewpoints in more detail, stating that the developers "know that the game is coming to an end...and are punishing players as much as they can."

We'll have to wait and see how accurate this is, but if true, the community does not seem too impressed.

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