Warzone 2 Season 2 DMZ content has been announced by Infinity Ward

Warzone 2 Season 2 DMZ content has been announced by Infinity Ward ...

Along with Warzone 2, DMZ became a fan favorite mode, and the developers will add new content with the Season 2 update.

The DMZ mode in Warzone 2 was a first for Call of Duty, incorporating elements from extraction games like Escape from Tarkov and giving players the freedom to complete tasks, battle enemies, and extract high-tier loot from Al Mazrah.

The developers are apparently keen on supporting the mode, including extending the Building 21 area with the Season 1 Reloaded update, and even hosting a DMZ tournament on February 15. Players can expect even more content with the Season 2 update, which the developers have begun to tease.

In a tweet from January 21, Infinity Ward stated that DMZ would continue to receive new content throughout Season 2. "New missions, new Exclusion Zone, and difficulty tuning," replied the developers. "Prepare for DMZ's Season 02 update with our deep-dive blog next week."

New missions will give players additional goals and rewards to earn, and the new Exclusion Zone, which is the area you drop into, is likely to be the minor Resurgence map that also comes with the Season 2 update.

It remains to be seen whether players will need a building 21-style access key, but DMZ players will have a new area to explore at the very least.

Players have also been clamoring for difficulty tuning. Due to the sheer number of bots and their laser beam accuracy, players find loading in as a Solo to be too tiring. We'll need to wait and see what tuning improvements they've planned.

Next week's Infinity Ward deep dive blog, and if you haven't explored Building 21 yet, be sure to look into the area's Red and Blue Access cards as well as all of its rewards.

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