The Best PvE and PvP characters in Seven Knights 2 are ranked

The Best PvE and PvP characters in Seven Knights 2 are ranked ...

Seven Knights 2 has an interesting storyline that you may discover while playing several different characters. If the PvE or PvP content is becoming too challenging, check out this Seven Knights 2 tier list to discover the best characters.

Genshin Impact, Blue Archive, Epic Seven, and Seven Knights 2 are well-known for their varied cast of characters. However, unlocking them requires players to either be lucky or spend a lot of money.

Moreover, collecting resources in gacha titles like Seven Knights 2 is a laborious process. Unlocking or upgrading a character that isn't powerful enough can be one of the biggest rookie mistakes.

Use this Seven Knights 2 character tier list to learn about the most powerful characters in the game who will make your journey enjoyable.

Seven Knights 2's best characters for clearing PvE content

Every character in Seven Knights 2 has a different tier based on their ability to take on PvE challenges. The ones in the S tier are the strongest, while the ones in the D tier are the weakest.

TierSeven Knights 2 character
SHistorian Noho, Ace (Heavenly Sword), Lina (Harmonic Melody), Shay (Legendary Elena’s Sword), Adel (King of Karaestelle), Shane (Nestra’s Incarnation), Yuri (Three-tailed fox), Aquila (Vindictive Blade), Kris (Nightmare Tracker), Kris (Hell Lord), Rudy, Dellons, Rudy (Knight of Light), Rudy (Ultimate Guardian), Eileene (Empress of Fodina).
AAquila (Vindictive Blade), Ian, Serena, Shay,
BClaire (Scarlet Volley), Shane (Lost Soul), Lene (Daybreak Thunder Dragon), Mercure (Mad Researcher), Miss Velvet (Sanguine Rose)
CRachel, Scott (Elena’s Sword), Henry (Elena’s Sword), Melissa (Nestra’s Disciple), Cheng Chen (Nestra’s Disciple), Lukey (Nestra’s Disciple), Adel, Guilahan, Cosette, Shane, Neo
DJuju (Elena’s Sword), Spike, Lene (Elena’s Sword), Rudy (Recluse), Valdur, Wendigo, Ming, Iota, Lukey, Lene, Claire, Henry, Scott, Theon, Tristan (Nestra’s Disciple), Kade (Elena’s Sword), Tristan (Fortress of Steel), Eileene (Hooded), Casper, Juju, Tristan, Melissa, Cheng Chen, Kade, Miss Velvet

Seven Knights 2's best characters for clearing PvP content

In the table below, select the best PvP characters from Seven Knights 2.

TierSeven Knights 2 character
SAquila (Vindictive Blade), Kris (Hell Lord), Ming, Dellons, Rudy (Ultimate Guardian), Eileene (Empress of Fodina), Karin, Shane
AKris (Nightmare Tracker), Miss Velvet (Sanguine Rose), Neo, Valdur
BMercure (Mad Researcher), Claire (Scarlet Volley), Cosette (Magic Automata), Spike

Seven Knights 2 characters in the S and A levels will be beneficial and you will not regret putting money into them. However, remove any B, C, or D-tier characters in your team as they'll most likely hold you back.

We hope this tier list will help you clear the most difficult PvP and PvE content in Seven Knights 2. Check out the Mario Kart Tour tier list, Undead World: Hero Survival tier list, and AFK Arena's best Hero tier list.

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