The Overwatch 2 developer has confirmed that the Sojourn and Mercy pocket enhancement will be released shortly

The Overwatch 2 developer has confirmed that the Sojourn and Mercy pocket enhancement will be releas ...

A tweak to correct the frustrating Sojurn-Maria relationship throughout Season 2 has been confirmed by an Overwatch 2 developer. Very soon.

The key to reaching the top ranks in Overwatch 2 is to make the most of your hero and learn how to combine their abilities effectively with other characters. However, as fans will know, not all heroes are created equally and some are much more powerful than others.

Sojourn has been one of Overwatch 2's most powerful DPS characters already, and she has received many upgrades. Despite these changes, experienced players have been using Mercy's damage boost ability to restore her full potential, leading to plenty of frustrating matches where the pair have dominated.

When combined with Mercy's damage boost ability, the DPS hero can eliminate 200 health heroes with a single shot, which has been the primary reason for the outcry.

A Blizzard developer has now disclosed that another nerf is on the way after receiving a number of complaints about the Sojourn Mercy pocket.

'Crackinlmao,' a Twitter user, shared the official Overwatch 2 account, once again requesting that the duo be adjusted.

Every single game on Sojourn with a Mercy pocket is truly depressing. The higher I get the worse it is, according to them. “Please @PlayOverwatch how is this still a thing? If S3 is like this I'm deinstalling [as] I CANNOT do this.”

Jodie Grace, the Overwatch Community Manager, responded with a smile. She understands the rage among the followers, but a solution is in the works.

Grace's reply was "absolutely fair." I know it's a little bit bloated right now, especially when you see it so frequently in your games. "We'll have more to share soon, but changes are coming!"

Sadly, she did not reveal any specifics about the changes that are being planned, but many other players responded, urging the developers to nerf Sojourn's kit rather than Mercy.

The game also did not state when the game would be released. However, with Overwatch 2 Season 3 just weeks away, players shouldn't have to wait too long.

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