Players from Warzone 2 want a major redesign of the DMZ's complicated key system

Players from Warzone 2 want a major redesign of the DMZ's complicated key system ...

The Warzone 2 community believes the DMZ mode's key system is extremely "tedious," and is calling for the developers to make a major change that will resolve this issue.

On its release, Warzone 2 introduced a slew of new gameplay for Call of Duty players, including a new, fun DMZ mode called Escape From Tarkov, which focuses on looting and completion of objectives.

In this mode, you can find keys, which can be used to unlock locked Caches and doors that are located across the Al Mazrah map. However, players are dissatisfied with the current state of the key system.

'encheezo,' a Reddit user, posted an image of the various keys available in Warzone 2's DMZ mode, including the Art Museum key, and expressed their frustration with how difficult it is to find the appropriate loot stash for each key.

"It would be much more exciting to load into DMZ with a key or loot a key if we knew exactly where the loot stash was," said the Redditor.

Keys may be found in chests, duffle bags, and lockers throughout Al Mazrah, as well as in enemies' backpacks and AQ Soldiers. However, Warzone 2 players feel that the developers should make it simpler to find keys and access the appropriate loot stashes.

One user responded, "It's beyond frustrating combing over every building and toolbox in search of the right one. I've looked up precise locations on the internet, and sometimes I still wonder whether it's this boring building on the left or its identical copy 30 feet to the right."

This player then stated that they do not use the keys outside of faction missions. Many of the commenters agreed with this statement, with one saying: "I honestly don't pay much attention to the keys yet."

Another user sarcastically stated: "No way, I love to pull up my phone to check where the key goes." At the time of writing, it remains to be seen whether or not the developers will respond to this criticism.

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