The Big Bertha trick in Warzone 2 allows you to get across water quickly

The Big Bertha trick in Warzone 2 allows you to get across water quickly ...

A cool Warzone 2 trick is that players may use Big Bertha trucks to make the Al Mazrah map more facile to traverse and more lucrative.

In Call of Duty: Warzone 2, tactics and strategies are constantly evolving, with players always finding new strategies to make the game more enjoyable, such as achieving a solo nuke using only melee.

However, players of the game are equally eager to improve traditional gameplay and find new strategies to surviving Al Mazrah. The existence of swimming and underwater gameplay has made Warzone 2 feel completely different from the original, and this is evident with the latest discovery.

If you dipped a toe into the Verdansk seas in Warzone 1, you would be dealt with a death screen. However, Warzone 2 made it so that players could not only submerge their entire foot, but also go for a whole swim.

This has enabled some unusual underwater moves and given players more freedom in how they deal with combat situations.

One overlooked aspect of water has to be the combination of water and vehicles, because, as Reddit user Netoxicky demonstrated, Big Berthas can dip their tires in the water too.

In a user's video, they demonstrated themselves barreling through a massive expanse of water in a Big Bertha, with the water becoming so deep that the gigantic automobile was completely submerged at various points.

The Bertha was able to continue going as though nothing had changed, even demonstrating at the end by crossing a steep wall.

When asked whether or not a user can breathe underwater while inside Bretha, the OP replied: "Yes, if the water is deep enough, there are times in the game where you may actually stay underwater for a lifetime."

A commenter on the other hand observed that it appears absurd that a large vehicle can hold large amounts of water in the game, yet that "a 4-inch diameter sapling will keep you dead cold at full speed."

We're not sure if this is meant to be a deliberate design choice by the developers, but in any event, Big Berthas can get you from A to B very quickly, and it seems that nothing can stand in its way.

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