Rockstar addresses a GTA Online vulnerability that allows hackers to alter game files

Rockstar addresses a GTA Online vulnerability that allows hackers to alter game files ...

Due to hacker exploits, GTA Online players have been exposed to severe game data corruption, and Rockstar has now sought to reassure gamers.

Despite some players' efforts to improve their GTA Online experiences, such as the addition of Taxi Work and the Roaming Gun Van, others have had their gameplay ruined by mischievous hackers.

For a few weeks now at least, GTA Online players who want to explore Los Santos and spend their leisure time are being subjected to a vulnerability that is capable of corrupting game data and effectively eliminating online characters and hours of work.

Rockstar Games has decided that enough is enough and has contacted the studio to take action. The developers addressed the issues in a tweet in an attempt to comfort players and scare hackers.

On January 23, 2022, the tweet in question came from the official Rockstar Games Twitter account, and talked about how the company is aware of the issue but is working to resolve it very soon.

“We are aware of possible new vulnerabilities in GTA Online for PC that we hope to resolve in an upcoming security-related title update,” the tweet said in full.

The upcoming GTA Online will be purely focused on correcting the current situation, with Rockstar describing it as a "security-related title update."

Don't expect it to enliven the game with new features and content the way the Weekly Update does.

It's unclear what this might imply for hackers attempting to exploit this vulnerability in the future, and GTA Online gamers affected by the vulnerability will have to wait and see if anything can be done for them and their lost data.

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