The lead hero designer for Overwatch 2 justifies Roadhog and Sojourn nerfs and teases season 3 changes

The lead hero designer for Overwatch 2 justifies Roadhog and Sojourn nerfs and teases season 3 chang ...

Since season two began on December 6, the Overwatch 2 community has been waiting for significant changes to a few of the game's most oppressive heroes, like Roadhog and Sojourn. Fortunately, the balance team has released a patch today that addresses some of the community's biggest issues.

Today, Overwatch 2's lead hero designer shared a few words with two of the community's most popular content creators, Flats and Emongg, and hinted at minor changes in Season three, which will debut in two weeks.

The recent outrage against Roadhog came from both the Jan. 24 patch and the community's reaction. The Chain Hook master has been one of the most-picked tanks on the competitive scene for far too long, with a long-awaited minor change considerably reducing Roadhog's ability to instantly eliminate an enemy after hooking them.

It's a necessity, but Dawson stated that this is not the minor change to Roadhog that developers have mentioned in the past. This is a "change to his one-shot potential," and they'll "add some utility" in the future.

The Overwatch 2 community has been vocal about Roadhog changes and often lash out at the development team for taking so long to implement them. Dawson said that due to a hotfix bug, the team was unable to modify Roadhog for the majority of season two.

“Unfortunately we weren’t able to modify Roadhog in any way at that time,” Dawson said. “There was a bug, actually, where Roadhog and about three other heroes couldn’t be hotfixed at that time and point.” The bug is apparently fixed as of today's patch.

In the January 24 patch, Sojourn was another hero who was slapped hard with the nerf stick. She's been a regular pick in upper-level competitive games for many seasons of Overwatch 2, and previous nerfs seemed to have failed to subdue her dominance.

Emongg confirmed that the previous rate used to be roughly 10 energy for headshots and 13 for damage-boosted shots, although this changes her energy to five across the board.

Kiriko, Overwatch 2's newest support hero, has also received a minor upgrade to her primary healing fire. She has now reduced her recovery time from 0.85 seconds to one second. However, Dawson believes the change is to encourage Kiriko players to "get kunai in there."

Emongg and Flats are some of the community's most well-known actors, and they're particularly interested in what the public wants to know, so they couldn't resist asking Dawson a few questions about Season three, which will be released in two weeks.

Dawson gave the impression that previously-discussed Brigitte changes would not be implemented in season three. However, he gave them a preliminary forecast for season four.

Tanks will also have a lower health "outside of the role queue," according to the researcher, in order to encourage more enjoyable gameplay in situations such as arcade or quick play where tanks are often overpowered.

Dawson said that ultimate charge generation and retention will be addressed in season three. Players currently retain 30 percent of ultimate charge when they switch heroes, and that's a factor the team will be looking at.

Flats and Emongg both spoke up about upcoming changes to their favorite heroes, while Emongg may be able to wreak less havoc on Ramattra in a few weeks.

Season three of Overwatch 2 will be released on February 7th.