After admitting the game isn't in a great and stable state, Warhammer 40K:Darktide designers have postponed seasonal content and Xbox launch

After admitting the game isn't in a great and stable state, Warhammer 40K:Darktide designers have po ...

Fatshark's developers have come out almost two months after the release of Warhammer 40,000: Darktide and declare that the game in its current state has failed to meet its potential.

Martin Wahlund, the game's CEO and co-founder, wrote in a blog post on the game's official Twitter account on January 24 that the company failed to deliver "an engaging and consistent game with a depth that keeps you playing for weeks, not hours."

Wahlund said the team is prioritized a "complete crafting system," a more rewarding progression loop, and... game stability and performance optimization." This also means that the launch of upcoming seasonal content, premium cosmetics, and the Xbox Series X|S version has all been postponed.

One of the game's main selling points has been its intention to improve and evolve over the years, with new content often released in months or even years of development. However, the current amount of content and the game's state have failed to keep players around for weeks in a row, let alone months or years.

Players have discovered more and more instances in which the game appears to be unfinished. The crafting system promised at launch is still unavailable. PC players on Steam and the Xbox app (the game is on Game Pass) can't play with each other because there is no story campaign, mission select, or other promised features.

Despite the game's steady player base decline, Steam's overall review score has dropped to "mixed," and recent reviews from the past 30 days are "mostly negative."

Many fans are a bit sceptical about the expectations made, considering how the game has fallen short of its previous promises, but others are optimistic that the game will resurgence over time, as this is becoming a frustratingly common practice for unfinished games released before they are ready.