The 2023 BLAST Premier Spring Groups: How to Watch, Scores, Brackets, and Results

The 2023 BLAST Premier Spring Groups: How to Watch, Scores, Brackets, and Results ...

The $177,500 BLAST Premier Spring Groups will begin the competitive season of tier-one CS:GO in 2023.

All 12 CS:GO teams that have partnered with BLAST will compete, including some of the world's best, including FaZe Clan, Heroic, G2, and Natus Vincere. Six teams will advance directly to the $425,000 BLAST Premier Spring Finals, while the bottom half will have to compete against non-partnered teams from across the world in the Spring Showdown.

Spring Groups will be played from BLAST's studio in Copenhagen. The 12 teams were split into three double-elimination format groups. The winner from each group will advance to the Spring Final. The remaining teams will be moved to the play-in stage, which will have three single-elimination gauntlets, and the winner of each gauntlet will advance to the Spring Final.

Here's all you need to know about the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, including how to watch, standings, scores, and results. This article will be updated throughout the competition to keep you up to date.

How to Watch 2023 BLAST Premier Spring Groups

The tournament will be available on BLAST's Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as on BLAST's own broadcast platform You may also follow the competition in other languages as content creators like Gaules and Emil "HeatoN" Christensen have the rights to broadcast the event.

Premier Spring Groups brackets for the 2023 BLAST Premier Spring Groups

Schedule and results for the 2023 BLAST Premier Spring Groups

All times are listed in Central Time and are subject to delays.

  • 8am: NAVI vs. NiP
  • 11:30am: Vitality vs. Heroic
  • 8am: Heroic 2-1 EG (EG 16-9 on Nuke, Heroic 16-2 on Overpass, Heroic 16-5 on Mirage)
  • 11:30am: OG 2-1 Liquid (OG 16-12 on Mirage, Liquid 16-8 on Ancient, OG 16-10 on Overpass)
  • 8am: G2 2-0 NAVI (G2 16-10 on Nuke,G2 22-18 on Inferno)
  • 11:30am: NiP 2-0 BIG (NiP 16-14 on Mirage, NiP 16-11 on Inferno)
  • 8am: FaZe 2-1 OG (FaZe 16-7 on Mirage, OG 16-11 on Ancient, FaZe 16-4 on Inferno)
  • 11:30am: Liquid 2-0 Complexity (Liquid 16-2 on Anubis, Liquid 16-12 on Overpass)
  • 5am: NAVI 2-1 NiP (NAVI 16-9 on Inferno, NiP 19-17 on Mirage, NAVI 16-8 on Overpass)
  • 8am: Vitality 2-0 EG (Vitality 16-11 on Overpass, Vitality 16-1 on Inferno)
  • 11:30am: Heroic 2-1 Astralis (Astralis 16-10 on Inferno, Heroic 16-4 on Mirage, Heroic 16-4 on Vertigo)
  • 5am: FaZe 2-0 Complexity (FaZe 16-6 on Inferno, FaZe 16-9 on Overpass)
  • 8am: OG 2-0 Liquid (OG 16-6 on Ancient, OG 22-20 on Nuke)
  • 11:30am: G2 2-0 BIG (G2 16-14 on Mirage, G2 16-9 on Inferno)
  • 8am: EG 2-1 Heroic (Heroic 16-7 on Inferno, EG 16-14 on Ancient, EG 16-14 on Overpass)
  • 11:30am: Vitality 2-0 Astralis (Vitality 16-12 on Overpass, Vitality 19-15 on Vertigo)