During the first week of the 2023 LEC Winter Split, only two champions had a 100 percent pick-ban rate

During the first week of the 2023 LEC Winter Split, only two champions had a 100 percent pick-ban ra ...

After just one week of play, the competitive League of Legends meta has begun to take shape, and in Europe, some league leaders have taken over as the top picks in the league: Lucian and Ryze.

Lucian has been one of the most contested AD carry champions in professional football, especially when paired with enchanter support Nami. He is a natural fit for the mechanically gifted players across the world, and he has a 100 percent pick-ban rate in the League Stats aggregate Oracle's Elixir.

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Although he has only won one of his three games, it's clear that not many teams would give this award to any player, whether they're on a lower-ranked team or a top squad.

Ryze, on the other hand, hasn't exhibited spectacular stats like Lucian, but is still a threat in pro play due to his ability to make game-winning plays with his ultimate ability. The Rune Mage has also had a 100 percent draft presence in the LEC so far, even though he has only won one game this split.

Ryze can be a deadly duelist who can tussle with the most difficult opponents while still possessing incredible splitpushing abilities due to his overall ability set. He can appear anywhere around Summoner's Rift, engage any teamfight, or push any lane with his Realm Warp ultimate, making him a great fit for any roster that wants to outmacro and outposition their opponents.

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Some fans have criticized the stale nature of drafts and how few people are aware of how each team's composition will appear before the game starts.