Which of the above forspoken difficulty levels should you choose?

Which of the above forspoken difficulty levels should you choose? ...

Forspoken is a game that includes several difficulty levels like many other RPGs of its kind. Yet the game also presents these options in a way that has players scratching their heads about what they are really referring to.

Forspoken's difficulty levels may be broken up into easy, medium, and hard, but the way the game presents this information isn't the easiest way to categorize what players should choose. The four difficulty options are "Focus on the Story," "Explore the Open World," and "Default."

Clarified clarifications on forspoken difficulty levels

Focus on Story and Explore the Open World are two easy game modes that players may choose if they don't want to focus much on combat.

Take Part in Challenging Battles, the last mode, is the same as in other games. Players will have tougher battles and have a harder time staying alive, thus making their playthroughs a bit longer.

When players are not engaged in battle, the difficulty setting in the game may be changed at any point throughout the playthrough. Even for those who aren't having a great time with the easiest game mode, there is a way to modify the game's difficulty by using the "Gameplay Balance" setting in the menu.

Players may alter how much damage they deal, how long an enemy stays knocked down, and some things, such as making Frey auto-evade or use healing items so that they don't have to time it themselves. These accessibility features make it simpler for players who want to experience the game's puzzles, exploration, and narrative without having to deal with any difficult combat.