Is multiplayer forspoken?

Is multiplayer forspoken? ...

Forspoken, Square Enix's latest title, has received a fair amount of criticism after it was leaked online the day before its release. Fans had a healthy debate about how genuine the dialogue is, but many are also going into and exploring Frey's journey back home.

Frey goes on an adventure she had never expected, through a land she has no clue about and a smart-talking Cuff who assists her along her journey. Once Frey discovers she has new, amazing abilities, she must traverse the land in order to return home.

Many players are eager to learn more about Frey and the world of Athia, but others want to explore it together. At this time, Forspoken has no multiplayer option and will likely never have a multiplayer option.

Forspoken is intended to be a single-player game that follows players through a detailed and detailed journey about Frey and Cuff as they navigate the dangerous world together and discover why they've become bonded the way they are. There are many things for players to do throughout the game, and those that complete the game may return and explore more of the world.

There are no plans for a multiplayer version of Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust, which will be released later this year. The DLC will be free for gamers who purchased the Digital Deluxe version of Forspoken, but it is unclear if it will still require players to pay more money for it.