Trophy list for the Dead Space remake: All awards and achievements

Trophy list for the Dead Space remake: All awards and achievements ...

Isaac Clarke often has to go beyond terrifying scenes to save his crew and the people he loves. There are a number of achievements that players may achieve in Dead Space (2023).

Dead Space (2023) has 47 achievements, four of which are hidden, likely to avoid spoilers or give players guidance on how to unlock them. Here's all you need to know about all the achievements and trophies that are part of the Dead Space remake.

Dead Space (2023) includes all trophies and achievements.

The game provides ample reason to explore beyond the set path. Be aware that some of these achievements may minor spoil the story of the game.

  • Marksman: Dismember 50 limbs
  • Welcome Aboard: Complete Chapter One on any difficulty
  • Lab Rat: Complete Chapter Two on any difficulty
  • All Systems Go: Complete Chapter Three on any difficulty
  • Brute Force: Kill a Brute
  • Autofire: Kill 30 enemies with a Pulse Rifle
  • Cannon Fodder: Complete Chapter Four on any difficulty
  • True Believer: Complete Chapter Five on any difficulty
  • Story Teller: Collect 75 logs
  • Surgeon: Dismember 500 limbs
  • Exterminator: Kill the Leviathan
  • Greenhouse Effect: Complete Chapter Six on any difficulty
  • S.O.S.: Complete Chapter Seven on any difficulty
  • Live with the Hot Ones: Kill 30 enemies with a flamethrower
  • Final Regeneration: Discover the Hunter’s origins
  • Get Off My Ship!: Kill the Leviathan Remnant
  • Strange Transmissions: Complete Chapter Eight on any difficulty
  • Wreckage: Complete Chapter Nine on any difficulty
  • Full Clearance: Create the Master Security Override
  • Backbreaker: Kill 10 enemies with a stomp attack
  • Whole Again: Pursue Nicole’s investigation
  • Keeper of the Faith: Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty
  • There’s Always Peng!: Find the Peng treasure
  • Legend Teller: Collect 150 logs
  • Betrayed: Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty
  • Pusher: Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun
  • Mindless Prey: Kill the Hive Mind
  • Exodus: Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty
  • Set A Benchmark: Complete the game on Medium difficulty or above
  • Untouchable: Complete the game in Impossible mode
  • Trusted Contractor: Complete New Game Plus on any difficulty
  • Full Arsenal: Own every weapon in the game
  • Built To Order: Install every weapon upgrade
  • A Cut Above: Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper
  • Eviscerator: Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun
  • Full Contact: Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam
  • One Gun: Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter
  • Pack Rat: Place 25 items in Storage
  • Merchant: Collect all schematics
  • Wishbone: Rip off a dangling limb using Kinesis
  • Raise the Stakes: Pin an enemy
  • Freeze: Use Stasis on 50 enemies
  • Maxed Out: Fully upgrade all weapons and equipment
  • (Secret) Front Toward Enemy: Survive the Shooting Gallery
  • (Secret) Z-Baller:Complete Level Six in Zero-G Basketball
  • (Secret) Marked: Pick up a Marker fragment for the first time
  • (Secret) Reunion: See the alternative ending on any difficulty mode

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