In DMZ, where can I use the Elders Room key?

In DMZ, where can I use the Elders Room key? ...

Players of the Activision-led battle royale will be taken to a completely new map, Al Mazrah, where the DMZ will be played. This expansive new location has hundreds of points of interest wherein players can either look for gear or stage battles against other players and enemy squads.

Al Mazrah is a seemingly endless area that will take hundreds of hours to complete, but not all locations are immediately accessible to players once they have spawned in. Buildings and containers are locked throughout the DMZ, which require special keys to enter or access.

Keys to these exclusive locations can be found in normal looting areas or dropped by enemy NPCs. Once you have discovered a key, you can travel to the appropriate location to see what awaits.

In Warzone 2, the Elders Room is one such location. Here's what you should do if you have a key to the Elders Room but have no clue where to go with it.

In the Warzone 2 DMZ, where can I use the Elders Room key?

The Elders Room key may be used at the top of Al Sharim Pass. This is a mountainous area in Al Mazrah that is most easily traversable by vehicle. Players should be properly equipped with weapons and armor before attempting to cross the Al Sharim Pass.

The Elders Room is located in the first building at the very top of the mountain. Players must climb the first flight of stairs to enter the room through the only open entrance. The Elders Room will be waiting to be unlocked.