Due to post-hotfix issues, Destiny 2 will restore player accounts to earlier today

Due to post-hotfix issues, Destiny 2 will restore player accounts to earlier today ...

Today, Destiny 2 players are going back in time—and it has nothing to do with the Vex network or Elsie Bray's machinations.

Bungie has announced that the player account would be restored to the state they were at 8.20am PT (10.20am CT) today, according to the developer. The issue triggered by the deployment of Hotfix at reset today began causing players to lose progress on their triumphs, titles, seals, and even catalysts.

Players began reporting progress on several titles and seals after the release of Hotfix Some previously obtained titles disappeared, locking players out of using titles or removing valuable progress from their accounts.

Bungie acknowledged the issue half an hour after the patch was deployed and took the Destiny 2 servers offline at approximately 1pm CT.

Bungie said the game is already testing a fix and that the team will “deploy and verify the fix before bringing Destiny 2 back online.” This means all loot earned since that time, including anything earned after reset, will presumably be absent once the servers are online.

A rollback indicates the severity of the problems plaguing Destiny 2, and the complexity of a remedy. In January, Destiny 2 faced a bug that "caused all players to lose currency and materials," which resurfaced a couple weeks later. Bungie wrote an official blog post explaining why it had to roll back the servers.

Destiny 2 is still unavailable at the time of writing, but players who want to keep up with Bungie's progress towards a solution can do so through its Bungie Help support page, which has provided updates on the situation's progress.