Marvel Snap's Best Dazzler Decks and How to Oppose them

Marvel Snap's Best Dazzler Decks and How to Oppose them ...

In Marvel Snap, another week has passed, and players will be able to acquire a new card, Dazzler, that will be the best Dazzler decks.

New cards are added every week to the game, and previously released Snap cards will have their rarity reduced, becoming more accessible to players both through the Collection Level and the Token Shop.

Marvel Snap's Dazzler Card Capabilities are explained.

Dazzler is a four-cost card with four powers, which means that you'll get +6 power in series five, if you have four cards at each location. It may also be purchased in the Marvel Snap Token Shop, as long as the player does not have it in their collection.

Dazzler has a lot of potential, with up to 10 power if the player meets the requirement of having four cards in each location. There are some cards that may help you reach your potential.

Marvel Snap strategy for Dazzler decks

The finest method to employ in Dazzler decks is obviously KaZoo, i.e., filling the available locations with lots of units that can benefit from other cards such as Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel. Matches with all locations filled provide the greatest chance to increase Dazzler's power.

Cards that can help to reduce the energy costs of cards in hand are a great combination with Dazzler, since they allow for a greater number of cards to be played.

Fortunately, many popular cards can assist in achieving this effect. However, you must be cautious with locations that limit the number of cards, such as The Space Throne, Sanctum Santorum, Luke's Bar, and Altar of Death.

Instead of relying on Dazzler to win the match in these locations, it is necessary to have a plan B.

In Marvel Snap, the best combos with Dazzler are

The cards that have the best Dazzler synergy include:

  • Ultron
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Shanna
  • Zabu
  • Sera

Ultron is a good example of a potential Dazzler match, since it allows you to fill all other places with Drones, while also enabling the Dazzler effect in the location it is placed. Sanctum Santorum or Altar of Death are also possibilities, but be careful not to play it too late, since the other Killmonger will not destroy the Drones.

Dazzler decks can include other cards that are required. Squirrel Girl and Shanna are excellent examples of how to add a lot of cards at the same time. Cards like Mister Sinister, Brood, and Mysterio also work well for the same purpose.

It is possible to play cards that reduce the energy costs of the cards in hand, mostly Sera and Zabu, but each of them can also be used together.

Marvel Snap's finest Dazzler decks

The cards presented in the following decks are just suggestions, and may change according to each player's collections, as well as change as new Dazzler strategies emerge in the Marvel Snap community.

Ultron will not be countered by Killmonger in this deck. While using diverse cards with quantity-related effects, Blue Marvel is the choice to increase the other cards on the board.

Ant-Man and Mojo are excellent choices for contested spots, while Armor can protect some cards. America Chavez assists with the drawing of the correct cards during the match and can also serve as a backup plan in the final round.

Sunspot and Iceman are two of the best one-cost cards. Nightcrawler can help position cards in various locations, while Ant-Man has great power when he is in a filled position.

Shanna's power is utilised in this deck, combining it with Ka-Zar to have powerful units on the field. Zabu helps the four-cost units to be played, including Dazzler, while Ultron serves as a backup plan in the event that all locations are filled until the final turn.

When it's possible to play a card in the same position as it was played in the next turn, Armor protects the main one-cost cards, while Rescue has another great potential.

Dazzler seems to work very well for a Zabu deck given how easily she can play four-cost cards. Jubilee has an easy time filling locations with good units since Dazzler is added to the deck.

Absorbing Man can be used to use strategically depending on the difficulty of the respective Marvel Snap game, while Shuri prefers to increase the power of Rock Slide.

In Marvel Snap, how do you combat Dazzler decks?

The effect on Dazzler is Ongoing. This means Enchantress is the direct counter to it, which simply cancels its effect. Depending on the player's deck, using Rogue to steal her effect may also be effective.

Dazzler's most common strategy is to enlist the help of Killmonger. If a Dazzler is played in the middle turns, it's a valid strategy to save Killmonger in the final round.