In just two months, One True King loses its third member

In just two months, One True King loses its third member ...

Another streamer has left the gaming content creator organization One True King for the third time since mid-December, the last time being when Rich Campbell was forced to resign due to sexual assault accusations.

BruceDropEmOff's departure isn't nearly as engulfed in scandal, but it represents another loss for OTK in a short period of time. Following Campbell's departure on Friday, December 16, Jschlatt left just two days before Christmas.

Bruce's announcement was short, straightforward, and offered little explanation. On Twitter, he wrote a concise letter expressing his thanks to the organization as he resigned.

"I have officially resigned from OTK," he said. "Thank you for everything."

Bruce began a stream and stated that he didn't feel like he had a reason to stay around following his post. As he continued to talk it became clear that his decision was influenced by the PR exposure the organization received.

Mizkif was implicated in a sexual assault cover-up that culminated in a scandal that resulted in him being placed on probation and removed from ownership duties.

"I knew in my gut that it was the right decision because there was nothing that was urging me to stay," he said. "I helped the best I could. After two fucking things that I had to cover on that was no longer my business, no longer my business at all, I continued to work for the organization because I see the good in the organization. There are good people that you don't even know behind the scenes."

Bruce spent less than a year with OTK, then joined the organization at the end of March last year. It was thought, at least partially, to bring some diversity to the group that was mostly male caucasian WoW streamers with a lot of crossover between viewer bases.

Bruce did not disclose what his future would be like, but it's likely he'll disclose further details on his stream or social media in the near future.

According to Sully Gnome, his following has increased in his short time with OTK. He now has over 1.2 million followers, more than double that he had before joining OTK ten months ago.