Roadhogs' January 24 fixes are a major improvement on these Overwatch 2 maps

Roadhogs' January 24 fixes are a major improvement on these Overwatch 2 maps ...

The most recent Overwatch 2 patch has put a spanner in the works in regards to the title's current metagame, with actors you'd expect to see in almost every lobby like Kiriko and Sojourn being tweaked quite heavily—but not every change is bad news.

Since his release, Roadhog has been known for his hook combo. This ability, combined with a cheeky bop on the head, would destroy any damage and support players in his eye line. Overwatch players were often left cowering behind walls every eight seconds or simply hiding behind their own tank.

Overwatch 2's January 24 update was dominated by this hook-kill combo, with Blizzard hoping to reign Roadhog in a bit.

The January update, which you can see here in full, saw a decrease in the hook and punch combo, but also a boost in the hook's range as a consolation prize. His hook will not kill anyone with 200 health if they fail to slide back before he completes the combo, but he can now latch on to opponents from four meters away.

On several Overwatch 2 battlefields, this seems like a major nerf for Roadhog players.

This includes Illios, Lijiang Tower, and Nepal, all of whom have a feature.

Ilios' Well control map is already well-known for its Roadhogs hook ability. The huge hole in the middle of the control point is often rife with'Hog hook kills as he flings enemy Overwatch gamers into the depths of the well left, right, and center. Now he'll get you from even further away.

Tower of Lijiang

Pharah and Orisa have the additional advantage of being able to hurl players off the edge of the various edges scattered around the map in Garden. Roadhog is often used on the map but now there's a good possibility you'll see more of him.

He'll be able to hook and turn on either bridge, flinging players off the edge as he swiftly swings 90 degrees. Prepare to fall, a lot. Keep an eye out for a lingering 'Hog.'

Nepal is a country that has a long history of corruption.

The long and terrible fall to the pits of Sanctum will likely be less frequent as Roadhog's hook ability will be able to grab someone from farther than ever before. He was already a nuisance on this map, and this change will certainly make it worse.

Roadhog will be lurking outside the pillars, in the middle of the map control point, and wherever else that will make it easier to lure you into the Sanctum depths.