Here are a list of all the Pokmon OCG sets planned for release in 2023

Here are a list of all the Pokmon OCG sets planned for release in 2023 ...

The Pokémon Company sends a product schedule to its retailers in Japan that sell Pokémon OCG cards at the start of every year. The 2023 one was released on Tuesday, January 24, revealing all of this year's sets, and there's a lot for fans to look forward to.

Many items were already known thanks to trademark registrations and leaks, but the schedule gives us further insight, as well as others that were previously hidden, and when the sets will be released.

Triple Beat

Triple Beat is the first set of the year (after Crown Zenith, which was released on January 20). It is the first Scarlet and Violet subset and is expected to be a "strengthening expansion pack," which will include Battle Region, Dark Phantasma, and Pokémon Go.

From March 10, it will be available in shops.

Snow Hazard and Clay Burst

The Snow Hazard and Clay Burst set will be released on April 14 and is expected to include Legendary Pokémon from Generation IX, including Chien-Pao ex and Ting-Lu ex, although that hasn't been confirmed. Gym Leader Iono will also feature in Clay Burst as a Full Art and Special Illustration Rare.

Set of Iono Gyms

On April 14, Iono will get her very own gym set, which includes a Snow Hazard booster box, a Clay Burst booster box, some card sleeves, and a storage box.

Ex Special Set of Snow Burst and Clay Hazard

On May 19, an ex-Special Set for Snow Hazard and Clay Burst will be released. It will likely include new Pokémon ex promos and packs.

Pokemon Card 151

The Pokemon Card 151 set is expected to be released on June 16th, including Kadabra, who hasn't appeared on cards since 2002 due to a legal battle between The Pokémon Company and an illusionist named Uri Geller, who sued them for the alleged Kadabra character and himself.

Ex-Starter Decks

The ex Starter Decks will be released on July 7 and include eight sets that focus on different Pokémon types, including Clefable ex (Psychic), Decidueye ex (Grass), Greninja ex (Water), Houndoom ex (Darkness), Koraidon ex (Fighting), Melmetal ex (Metal), and Victini ex (Fire).

Raging Surf is a surf sport that is dominated by men.

The Raging Surf set hasn't been confirmed yet, but a trademark has been filed, and according to the schedule, it will be released in July or August, although it may come later.