Explained are Marvel Snap's cache drop rates

Explained are Marvel Snap's cache drop rates ...

Marvel Snap players must improve their Collection Levels in order to earn new cards and other coins available in the game.

Each Marvel Snap cache has a different assortment of rewards available to players who get to them, and it's important to know when to expect new cards.

In Marvel Snap, the Collector's Cache drop rates.

Players may redeem the Collector's Cache every eight to twelve levels in lieu of Mystery Cards until they reach collection level 1000. The odds of obtaining a Collector's Cache are split as follows:

Percent rateReward
47.25%Series three card
2.5%Series four card
0.25%Series five card
10%200 Credits
5%350 Credits
10%150 Gold
25%100 Collector’s Tokens

In Marvel Snap, the Collector's Reserve drops rates.

Starting at Collection Level 1,006, players will be eligible for a new cache drop, which has higher rewards than Collector's Cache.

The odds of Collector's Tokens being dropped from Collector's Caches and Reserves will increase by roughly 22 percent once players finish their series three card collections. The amount of Tokens received ranges from 200 to 600.

The chances of a Collector's Reserve item are distributed as follows:

Percent rateReward
22.25%Series three card or 200 to 600 Collector’s Tokens if series three is complete
2.5%Series four card
0.25%Series five card
10%300 Credits
5%400 Credits
10%200 Gold
25%100 Collector’s Tokens
10%Rare Variant
7.5%Rare Avatar
7.5%Rare Title

In Marvel Snap, Season Cache drops rates.

All players may claim one Season Cache per level, which may include credits, boosters, gold, and variations, depending on whether or not the Marvel Snap Season Pass has been used.

Percent rateReward
5%Mystery Variant
25%50 Credits
10%100 Credits
5%200 Credits
25%10 Boosters
10%15 Boosters
5%20 Boosters
10%50 Gold
5%100 Gold

Is there a pity system in Marvel Snap?

The rewards in Collection Level caches are stacked, so all players of the same level have the same amount of cards, on average.

The pity mechanism used by Marvel Snap breaks each player's caches down into groups of four. Each group of four contains a guarantee of one card, which means the maximum number of caches opened without a series four card is 79.

Groups of four are divided into four so that in each group of four, one will be a card, one will be cosmetic, one will be tokens, and one will be credits or gold.