Streamers may utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to keep in constant eye contact with their viewers

Streamers may utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to keep in constant eye contact with their viewer ...

You've heard of AI blog writers. You've heard of AI boyfriends. And now there are AI glasses that are designed to keep users looking straight at the webcam.

Being a full-time streamer can be tiring. Seeing viewers through your webcam all day can be uncomfortable, stressful, and strange. Ask YouTuber Jimmy "Mr Beast" Donaldson, who has tens of millions of followers, although he admits it took years to get used to talking into a camera.

Nvidia's new glasses guarantee that you'll be able to gaze straight at your camera or webcam for life.

Nvidia has released a pair of glasses called Eye Contact to combat the need to have to stare at your camera during a meeting or while watching video. However, the AI technology will make it appear as if you are peering directly into the heart of the person who is watching you.

Nvidia has been working on this concept for over a year. It has just begun releasing its public beta version.

The reaction to this bizarre technology has been mixed. Some people think it's fantastic for people with autism and for others who have trouble maintaining eye contact. Others feel it's a bit creepy and wonder whether or not it's wise to utilize artificial intelligence to replace human behavior and interaction in the near future.

Some of the most knowledgeable individuals have actually been content creators.

Eye Contact could be used by some to record livestreams on Twitch or to record YouTube videos. This would allow them to read chat, play games, or do anything else while simultaneously looking as if they were looking right at their viewers. This would allow them to stay engaged even if they were already doing something else or too socially drained at that time.

Creepy? Innovative?

If you own an RTX, Eye Contact is currently available for testing.