Marvel Snap: How to Win Featured Collapsed Mine Location

Marvel Snap: How to Win Featured Collapsed Mine Location ...

Marvel Snap will have a new location to spice things up in the next few days. This week, players will be able to build the finest Collapsed Mine decks to earn extra cubes in their matches.

Featured locations appear 40% more often during a 48-hour period. Decks designed with the location in mind will be more likely to win a larger number of games, but it's important to keep the old location consistent for instances when the new location doesn't show up.

Explained Location of a Collapsed Mine in Marvel Snap

Collapsed Mine is a new unusual location that says, "Fill this location with Rocks. Skip a turn to destroy your Rocks." This new location completely fills the location when it appears, thus preventing the possibility for other cards to be played there.

Rocks are one-cost, zero-power cards that may be destroyed by Killmonger or Destroyer.

Marvel Snap: How to Win at Collapsed Mine in Collapsed Mine

A location that allows players to destroy all eight cards at the same time opens up some interesting strategies.

The first strategy is to destroy Rocks in order to free up space for more interesting cards. The only two choices are to play Killmonger or pass, and using Death cards that can easily benefit from an eight-cost reduction, such as Sunspot, She-Hulk, and The Infinaut.

If it is possible to copy Death's card with Moon Girl, it may be worth it to have the cost of all copies. The other option when an opponent holds Death until the final turn is to use the Leech-Leader combination, eliminating the effects of cards in the opponent's hand and playing their cards on your side of the board.

Sunspot, She-Hulk, and The Infinaut are not uncommon decks that excel in this time of Collapsed Mine. It's desirable to skip a turn and utilize all of them in your favor.

Marvel Snap's Best Collapsed Mine Decks

Here are decks for each pool, as the Featured Location event is available to all players regardless of their position in the Collection Level. Most cards may be changed depending on the player's collection or preference.

The best strategy for series one is a traditional KaZoo strategy, which involves filling locations with low-cost cards and then powering them up with Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel.

The strategy is straightforward and manages to make the Rocks easier to beat due to their ability to beat the location that way. America Chavez is on hand to increase draw consistency during the other rounds and generally won't be played on the final turn.

When Collapsed Mine appears, Series two has a powerful deck containing Devil Dinosaur and Moongirl. Adding Killmonger and other destroy synergy cards may simplify space management.

Cosmo is particularly interesting because it allows you to cancel out an opponent's Killmonger used to destroy Rocks. In this way, it is possible to keep the Rocks on the opponent's side or to force the opponent to skip a turn.

The main victory condition is Death, which can be multiplied by Moon Girl and cost much less in the presence of the new location.

If Collapsed Mine is not present, both Wave and the rest of the cards with destroy synergy may be used to play it. Aero and Leader also give some additional control.