In WoW Dragonflight, what is the essence of the storm?

In WoW Dragonflight, what is the essence of the storm? ...

The first major content update for World of Warcraft Dragonflight is Patch 10.0.5, which includes a new world event dubbed Storm's Fury, which is triggered on a ten-hour rotation and lasts for four hours, giving players ample opportunity to participate and earn unique currencies. Essence of the Storm, as well as the Elemental Overflow, are all new items from the world game.

WoW players will need to start the patch's content by speaking to Zawarudu in Valdrakken's Seat of the Aspects. This NPC will send players to the Primalist Future with the quest 'Storm Warning.'

Players will begin to observe and participate in Storm's Fury events in the open world across the Dragon Isles after accomplishing this quest.

After finishing these events, Elemental Overflow and Essence of the Storm are two common currencies acquired, but it isn't clear what players may do with each.

In WoW Dragonflight, where should I use Essence of the Storm?

By participating in Storm's Fury World Quests, players can earn Essence of the Storm and Elemental Overflow.

In this scenario, players will see four separate portals, one large Elemental elite mob in the center of the Primalist Future. Players will need to approach each Primalist portal and defend it against enemy mobs, spawning one wave every 30 seconds.

Coalesced Storm Remnants can be dropped during the Storm's Fury event, which rewards players with roughly six Essence of the Storm and 130 Elemental Overflow. Weekly World Quests can also reward players with Glowing Primalists Cache, which can also contain Essence of the Storm and Primalist gear.

Essence of the Storm currency may be exchanged for 385 item level gear, a Chasing Storm toy, a Skyskin Hornstrider mount, and a Time-Lost Vorquin pet in WoW caches.