Overwatch 2's latest patch added Kirikos healing, but how much does it really alter?

Overwatch 2's latest patch added Kirikos healing, but how much does it really alter? ...

Overwatch 2 has just witnessed one of the most significant changes in the meta yet, and a few of the top big names have been removed from their pedestals. Heroes like Roadhog, Orisa, Sojourn, and Kiriko were the focus of the update, and some changes have been more significant than others.

Kiriko's support reign may come to an end as fans examine whether or not the changes affect her playability, but what do the changes mean?

What happened to Kiriko?

Kiriko's "Healing Ofuda" was the only ability on the operating table. Her healing ability's cooldown changed from 0.85 to one second. The change isn't particularly dramatic, but it will impact her performance.

She may not be the most sought after support hero anymore, but that was most likely the intention. Her incredible powerful damage output from her "Kunai" combined with the speed of her healing ability made her a perfect asset.

What changes can be made to Kiriko's play style in the 24th of January?

She hasn't been altered or removed, meaning she'll still be a good character for a quick kill in a remote area.

Kirko's abilities are geared more towards defeating opponents, with healing becoming a more valuable skill. This shift will force Kiriko players to utilize their healing more wisely, since serving an Ofuda to others will take a little longer.

The OW2 healer's skill ceiling will likely increase, making it harder for players in the lower ranks to grasp her timing. Either way, there's still a good possibility players in the higher-tier competitive queues will continue to use the hero; her damage output will still be significant if you're aiming for the head.

Players in the lower Overwatch 2 ranks are encouraged to throw a Kunai between healing cooldowns, thus putting her in a more dual role.

Roadhog changes are a major improvement on these Overwatch 2 maps, according to a report.

Kiriko wasn't the only character changed in the Jan. 24 patch. Roadhog's damage post-hook was reduced, and Sojourn's railgun was racked with nerfs.