The Day Before is being pushed back again, and it has been removed from the Steam store as a result of a copyright snafu

The Day Before is being pushed back again, and it has been removed from the Steam store as a result  ...

The Day Before is one of Steam's most popular games, with tens of thousands of players eager to explore the zombie world.

The Steam page was taken offline on January 24 and eager fans have been clamoring to discover why.

According to SteamDB, The Day Before was removed from Steam about six to seven hours ago, at around 4.25pm CT. For a while, no one was sure why, with many people loading up the game's Discord to express their fears and complaints. At the same time, a message was shared by the title's head moderator, WHOLF, suggesting there was a Steam bug.

Many players were unconcerned about why the game would be removed from Steam, and this only served to increase their fears that the game may be experiencing issues. However, according to a post on Discord, "This is a known bug that has affected several titles in the past."

Some suggested that if this is a known bug, Valve would be prepared to fix it before the game is down for six hours or more. Others have stated that there are no other games that have been affected by this bug except The Day Before, which turned out to be because the game was specifically removed on purpose.

The game, according to the creators FNTASTIC, was removed after the person who actually owns the name "The Day Before" requested to do so. According to the site shared by the devs, the current trademark holder in the United States is someone named Sun Jae Lee.

The game's first gameplay video is likely to be postponed beyond its initial release date sometime in the next week, according to the developer. FNTASTIC will consult with the lawyers before releasing a gameplay trailer. However, many players on the game's Discord aren't holding their breath.

The new release date for the game has been rescheduled for November 10, 2023, which is about ten months after today and eight months after the game's most recent release date.

The buzz around this game has slowly waned as players have seen little marketing and little gameplay. Many want to know why it might last another eight months.

Many are beginning to doubt whether or not there will ever be a The Day Before game in the remainder of 2023. While it was possible to hold out hope so far, many are frustrated by the lack of communication from the developers.

The developers have not addressed any additional concerns as of this publication.