Amelia Watson, who plays the violin, has released an original song with its own addictive rhythm game

Amelia Watson, who plays the violin, has released an original song with its own addictive rhythm gam ...

Amelia Watson, a Hololive vocalist and composer, has released a new rhythm game, ChikuTaku, to accompany her original song with the same name that she has been working on since today. The game is available for free on Ame's new page.

Ame demonstrated the game during her latest YouTube stream on January 24. It plays similar to Rhythm Heaven, serving as an interactive version of the "ChikuTaku" video.

Ame jotted through the game on her YouTube chat and deliberately missed all of the beats. The result was Bubba, Ame's mascot dog, twerking.

“Is there a hidden conclusion?” the detective VTuber added on-stream.

The remainder of the VTuber's stream was spent discussing concepts and stories about the game's development. Future modifications to the game will include adjustments to the settings, such as a volume slider, and a possible scoring ladder.

”I don’t know how much replayability [it] has, but it would be cool to add more levels and stuff,” she said. ”In Rhythm Heaven Fever, you can do individual mini-games, and then it’s a mix at the end? [ChikuTaku] is like showing the mix at the end — it would be really cool to do individual mini-games based on each section.”

Ame's original goal in her VTuber debut was to make a Hololive game. As supporters on the Hololive subreddit were quick to point out, the release of Chiku Taku finally marks the completion of all six goals more than two years later.

“It was a project I initially started working on a year ago. It was before I had the original song. It kind of lost steam, but we were working on an idea for a Hololive rhythm game, like [ChikuTaku], but with other songs and other members and stuff like that. I ended up getting kind of sick and ended up not following through,” she said.

"But then I brought everyone back together to work on [ChikuTaku] and the game for the original song... a little less than two months [ago."

Ame explained how composing the game provided a fantastic opportunity for her to reuse a lot of traditional equipment from her VR projects, such as her generation's iconic one-year anniversary celebration and Smol Adventures. She is yet to decide whether or not she will pursue any additional games in the future.

“If we had more time and more people, we might easily create something interesting.” said the artist. I just wanted to try it out at least once.

The Hololive VTuber star later admitted she would like to continue to compose more original songs in the future, and she already has a few ideas on her plate.