Why do League pros choose Jhin for its support? An examination of the new-age utility meta

Why do League pros choose Jhin for its support? An examination of the new-age utility meta ...

The 13th season of League of Legends has brought a lot of changes to the meta, including resurgence of championship favorites like Ryze that had previously been absent from the meta, and new crit-based build paths for marksmen like Ezreal that were previously unheard of only a few months ago. Professional teams seem to find some of the most bizarre strategies and this patch is no exception.

With the traditional tanky and engage supports beginning to fade out of the support meta there was room for a new type of champion to the bottom lane. Champions that weren't held down by having to go into teams to lock down opponents but who still had a decent amount of crowd control, according to Hanwha Life Esports support Kim Jeong-min.

Raphael "Targamas" Crabbé was chosen for the 2023 LEC Winter Split by Excel in a 3-2 defeat against G2 last Saturday. CLG Faith's provisional roster CLG Faith helped Jhin support throughout the world's 2023 seasons. There has been no greater surprise pick across the world since all major regions have kicked off their 2023 seasons than Jhin support.

Jhin's four-point auto-attack motion, which culminates in a designated crit shot, has become the hot ticket item in many regions, but why? Jhin's Deadly Flourish (W) is a snare on any champion marked by Jhin or his teammates, his "big damage" ultimate Curtain Call slows the velocity of any of the four shots.

Jhin is still best utilized in Patch 13.1 as an AD carry, but his kit is only one piece of the puzzle. In previous metas, Jhin was more adept at maximizing his abilities damage, especially Curtain Call. Pair those lethality items with Dark Harvest and Jhin might be able to do serious damage from a distance.

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Jhin is far from the only option in this new-age utility support meta, which has seen significant growth in support play over the first week and change of pro play on 13.1. Heimer was banned ten times and selected twice in the same role in week one of the LEC. Ashe was also banned four times and selected twice in the same role.

In fact, all three champions have previously been meta support options in League teams geared to exploiting pick plays. Lux has been a support flex for years due to her ability to deflect single targets and deter adversaries. Heimerdinger has seen play as a support for years due to his ability to take over the laning phase with his turrets. Life, Targamas, and Plux all became the first players in their respective regions to ever use the marksmen as a support in League

For Jhin being picked as support, the meta shifted perfectly for it, as teams now prioritize big tanks like Maokai, K'Sante, and Ornn that can follow up picks easily. Varus, the one AD carry most often paired with Jhin bot side, is one of the strongest AD carries that can build lethality or on hit, is one of the finest mid laners on the current patch who love playing on the backline in a front-to-back style, paired well

Both Jhin and utility-oriented support will last. Patch 13.2 might drastically alter the game even more than before, especially in regard to AD carries and their items, as well as changes that are significant to crit item champions, which is Jhin when selected as a true marksman. Regardless, it is nice to see significant shift in playstyle for the support role so early in season 13.